2012年11月2日讯息 『柯博拉2012埃及门户会议的情报更新』

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『柯博拉Cobra』2012年11月2日讯息 『柯博拉2012埃及门户会议的情报更新』 Updated: Cobra Portal 2012 in Egypt 柯博拉2012埃及门户会议的

Updated: Cobra Portal 2012 in Egypt
We have decided to CHANGE our plans for the Egypt 2012 Portal conference at The Great Pyramid. This is a somewhat drastic move at the last minute but we are doing this in order to allow more people to be able to come to Egypt and to be part of this special portal activation on Dec 21st. We are altering our plans radically. Instead of going with a large extended tour package we are going to cut costs and see if we cant get more of our Cobra family to come along. 
Time is short but for those who have felt the call and want to participate, now is the time to let the magic happen and make a positive step towards actively participating as ground crew members in anchoring the light at Giza. The plans for fear and war in the Middle East have failed despite last minute attempts by main stream media and false flag activities to convince us differently. 
Egypt and her peoples are as warm and wonderful as ever and we are thinking for this Egypt trip to be real simple and easy and it will go like this: 
Cobra, Rob, Untwine and a few others have confirmed their attendance in Egypt from Dec. 17th – 22nd. We are inviting anybody and everybody who is in alignment with our prayers for world peace and prosperity for all and an end to tyranny to join us on the Giza plateau for 5 days. 
We will have everyone purchase their own plane tickets, their own transfers and their own hotel accommodations separately! We are all just going to meet for 5 days to help heal the planet with our love. We will all just meet at a to be announced location on 10 am December 17th! We will have a meet and greet introduction and then begin our teaching that day right next to the Great Pyramid!
请大家自行打理埃及行的机票、食宿和交通! 我们会在五天的会议期间用爱帮助疗癒地球。会议开始的时间是12月17日早上10点。我们会在简短的开场白和课程介绍之後在大金字塔旁边开始会议的课程。
Before we arrive in Egypt you will have a firm itinerary for our stay and our schedule of events. We will not be traveling much but we will be sharing group experiences and activations around the Great Pyramids. We will have our camel ride at sunset around the Great pyramid and our belly dance show as well as sharing meals and the hospitality of the Egyptian people as a big Cobra family. Together we will meditate inside the Great Pyramid for the Portal activation on Dec 21st. We will also have many other special experiences. For those of us willing to make this event happen for ourselves and planet, a lifetime of magical memories awaits us all. 
Please understand that a non-disclosure agreement must be signed by each participant-No photography or recording-Topics presented may be subject to change.
As we will ALL be paying our own way we have the choice to join in some of  these extra activities or only to be present for the teachings and activations. It is going to be real sweet and simple. 
You will sign up by registering here on this site. The only cost is a straight $500 dollars! By paying a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $250 now or anytime before December 10th (Paypal or credit card) you are registered to join us. You will make the final payment of $250 when we will see you on the 17th. 
This fee will only be for the activation and teachings given by Cobra and Rob. We will meet for at least 5 hours a day and for some days longer. We will go to many special areas around the Giza Plateau and we are working on a day excursion to another to be announced location for our group. All hotel, transportation, entry fees and meals costs are to be paid for by group members individually.
2012年11月2日讯息 『柯博拉2012埃及门户会议的情报更新』
Cobra and Rob will be acting as teachers and friends only. Our guide Sayeed will be our interpreter and liaison for our stay. His family has guarded the entrance to the Great Pyramid for generations and we will be well taken care of by him and his family  as he knows the area well.
柯博拉和Rob在会议期间只负责担任讲师和大家的朋友。我们的导游- Sayeed会担任口译和联络人。他的家族已经有好几个世代负责守卫大金字塔。由於他对大金字塔的情况十分熟稔,他和他的家人会在会议期间协助照料大家。
We are currently in the process of negotiating hotel rate discounts for our group. However like at the Laguna conference, all participants will have a choice as to where they will stay and how they will get to our event. You must get your own airfare, taxi to and from Cairo, your hotel location and to our meeting locations everyday on your own. 
We will keep to many of the same plans for the activation schedule that we had before. We will probably meet several mornings in a hotel conference room or a local meeting room where we can all gather for special instruction and download from Cobra as to what to expect for each day and especially the 2012 Portal. Rob also will be sharing some things about Egypt in regards to the Great Pyramid and the near future plans for revelations by the Great White Brother/Sisterhood and the Galactic Confederation.
The details of meeting locations and schedule for these events will be released to those who are registered. By contacting Rob Potter by phone at 949-395-1885 you will get a return call very quickly, for clarification of any aspect of this 2012 Cobra Portal in Egypt to help you decide if you want to go! Rob is unavailable by e-mail on a daily basis until November 10th so call him for best results. If you register or if you wish to use e-mail to contact Rob do so at [email protected], you will receive details and be contacted within a day or two. 
报名参加的民众将会会议场地和流程细节。您可以打电话询问Rob Potter关於2012埃及门户会议。电话号码: 949-395-1885。Rob在11月10日之前都无法每天查阅电子信箱,所以打电话会是最好的询问方式。如果您已经报名或想用电邮联系他,[email protected]?的回信。
FYI, we will need a Visa but we can purchase one after we arrive for about $20.  Rob can also arrange to have you picked up at the airport if you e-mail me your flight details and itinerary! You will be met by our guide Sayed Adili (you may also friend him on facebook and tell him you are coming) he will bring you directly to "The Pyramid Hotel". This is where many of us are staying or he will take you to your hotel. This is a service he is offering which you might like? We recommend you tip him accordingly as he will incur travel costs to the airport and his time! He has graciously offered this service for free as is the warm custom of the Egyptian people but we know you will treat him well if you are to avail yourself with his hospitality. You are not required to do this of course, but we wish to offer this for you as a courtesy if you would like it.
埃及的落地签证费用大约是20美元。如果您将航班时间寄给我,Rob也可以安排接机。导游-Sayed Adili先生会直接将您载到The Pyramid Hotel或您下塌的饭店(建议您给导游接送的小费)。虽然导游按照当地习俗免费接送,我们知道您会感谢他的好意。
For those who are excited and willing don’t delay start making plane reservations and plans to be in Egypt, Cairo near the Giza plateau from December  17th-22nd. The Torino conference was a raging success and we are a confident as ever that our efforts to invoke the light for our planet on December 21st inside the Great Pyramid will be a success and Victory for the Light. 
We hope you will not delay. If spirit is calling you to join us we prefer you call Rob or if necessary e-mail Rob or just sign up and get your plane ticket as soon as possible. We will see you there. You are welcome to join us and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as you decide!  
翻译:Patrick Shih



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