2015年9月13日讯息 『太阳系近况更新』

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Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Chimera still has a very small number of key Pleiadians

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Chimera still has a very small number of key Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and representatives of other Light star races held as hostages deep inside their strongholds at implant stations throughout the Solar System. This hostage mechanism is a very effective tool to hold back the aforementioned star races in their progress towards the liberation of this planet.


Many of those hostages have been liberated during the operations of the Light forces in the last few weeks and the remainder is expected to be liberated very soon.


The process of disclosure is speeding up. Some intel that was previously limited to alternative media is hitting mainstream:




Scientists are finally beginning to understand the importance of torsion fields which are actually the translations of primary anomaly into spacetime continuum. This enables them to begin to propose more accurate cosmological models which will drastically improve our understanding of the universe:



2015年9月13日讯息 『太阳系近况更新』2015年9月13日讯息 『太阳系近况更新』

Whistleblower Corey Goode has released a quite good description of the LOC (Lunar Operations Command) as it was before 2012:



And of the life within secret space programs as it was before 2012:



Here I would like to say that there is a lot of activity of the Light forces on the Moon recently, especially on the Earth facing side. Many lunar stations are being built that will assist in the final Earth liberation operations. The Resistance has built a small but strategically important base in the area near Mersenius crater. I have made this photo of Mersenius crater area a few weeks ago and you can feel the energy:

最近光明势力在月球 (尤其是月球正面)上有非常多的活动。许多正在兴建的月球工作站将会在未来支援地球的最终解放任务。抵抗运动在麦尔谢尼坑附近兴建了一个战略地位重要的小型行动基地。我在几周前制作了一张麦尔谢尼坑的照片,大家可以试着感受照片的能量:

2015年9月13日讯息 『太阳系近况更新』2015年9月13日讯息 『太阳系近况更新』

The Light forces have communicated that we are entering the next phase of the disclosure process and that it is very important for insiders with intel to come forward and release it through alternative media. Although some of those insiders might be afraid of the consequences of coming out, they need to understand that releasing the intel gives them a lot of additional protection by the Light forces as telling the truth increases the Light flow through their energy system.


Release of reliable intel is one of crucial steps in the process of planetary liberation.


Archons are still attempting to suppress the Samarra goddess vortex in Syria/Iraq area by using Islamic State mercenaries to destroy Palymra, a beautiful Roman city in Syria:



Many of those mercenaries are now being infiltrated into Europe hidden inside waves of refugees and are actually reptilians in cloned humanoid bodies who came on Earth during Archon invasion in 1996. The plan of the Archons is to repeat what was happening with Roman empire in the 4th century with waves of invaders destroying Roman civilization. Their plan will NOT be successful this time.


Energies in the second half of September are expected to be quite intense, although the Light forces are not expecting any drastic changes within that timeframe. Stay alert, but grounded and calm.


Victory of the Light!




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