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Where does the Galactic Federation of Light meet?

By alaje • Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Question: Is there a meeting place where all of the Galactic Federation of light beings meet and do you know the name of the place?

Answer: Yes, this place is outside of the Earth, in the big mother ships.




Why isn't the positive side interventing into situation on earth?

By alaje • Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Question: Friend why you all Pleiadians don't want to defeat our government and help Earth humans?

Answer: I have answered this already in my videos. You are in a school here to learn and to grow by mastering experiences. If somebody else does it for you, you have not mastered it and you will have to repeat everything in another life on another planet. You are here to learn to become a galactic human by mastering the lower energies.




What you have to pay attention to when making contact with high level beings

By alaje • Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Question: Dear Alaje, do you know Ami? Is he work with you in the same federation? Do you also use the same logo for the Galactic Federation as Ami does? I saw 3 books about a boy (from Spain) contact with him. It is a very nice story about love and adventure.

Answer: No, I don't know ami. If your frequency is low, you would be burned from the high frequency of high level beings. In order to be in contact, the frequency must be adjusted.




What was the Google unexplained phenomenon?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Hello mister 777ALAJE what are your opinions on the google unexplained phenomenon?

Answer: The Federation of Light gave the idea telepathically to Google people to show a ship. Those people in Google think it's their idea… But in reality, my people gave them the idea. It is a way to bring Earth-people the image of a ship in their mind and to see how they feel about it.




Was Toth a pleiadian?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: Why do i feel so attached spiritually to Toth the Pleiadian? In your videos you say that Elijah wasn't prophet but a contact of pleiadians, i have a question how did Elijah ascend?

Answer: Who told you that "Toth" was a Pleiadian? Who told you that Eliah was a contact from the pleiadians? In my Video i said, he had contact with the Federation of Light. The Federation of Light has THOUSANDS of different extraterrestrial races.




Are the channelings from Ashtar Sheran reliable?

By alaje • Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Question: Hello Alaje, i would like to ask you one thing, if you don't mind. What relationship do you have between Ashtar Sheran, because there is a rumor which says that Ashtar Sheran is not a reliable being.

Answer: As i say in my videos, there are extraterrestrials, that pretend to be somebody else, in order to confuse you. That is what happened with Ashtar. There are many beings who pretend to be Ashtar. So in many "Ashtar" channellings that you can read in books, you can see that there is somebody else talking, because every time the character is different. And this is happening since 20-30 years now.

So, the real Ashtar is not doing any public channellings anymore for years now. He is now working more in the background, where nobody can misuse his name and talking.

来自Ashtar Sheran的通灵可靠吗?

问题:Alaje你好,我想问你一件事,如果你不介意。你和Ashtar Sheran间的关系是什么?因为有人传言说Ashtar Sheran不是一个可靠的生命。



Why does Alaje have his consciousness in the future and present?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: I've got a question, namely you said in one of your videos that you have a consciousness in the future and a consciousness in our present. But one thing i don't understand, why does the galactic federation specially come from the future to help us, why not comes from our time period?

Answer: As what i have made with my consciousness, is something rare and has something to do with my decision. A special mission. So i support the Galactic Federation. There are many souls which work in their own way. Think universal, spherically, globally, cosmically. In other levels than the Earth, everything is possible.




Which books do you recommend to be less ignorant?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: Could you give us the titles of 2 or 3 books we should read to be less ignorant? Books you think they are reliable.

Answer: The books of George Adamski and Bob Renaud. Both had contact with spiritual




回答:George Adamski和Bob Renaud的书。他们都和灵性的外星人有接触。

Are dolphins special animals?

By alaje • Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Question: Can you tell us about the Dolphins? I have always found them to be such loving creatures.

Answer: They are incarnated extraterrestrials.




Is "Ummac Dan" the official symbol of the galactic federation of light?

By alaje • Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Question: The so-called "Ummac Dan" symbol? Is this should be the symbol of the galactic federation of light. It says so in any case in the net…

Answer: No. See my video num 6.

"Ummac Dan"是银河光明联邦的官方符号吗?

问题:所谓的"Ummac Dan"符号?它是银河光明联邦的符号吗?在网上到处都这么说……


Is a soul protected from negative karma when it's in tune with the existence?

By alaje • Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Question: When a soul is in tune with the existence, when it attracts positive energy from the cosmic source with positive thoughts and feelings, that means that this soul is protected from its negative karma, which has created in past lifes?

Answer: No, it means that you start to erase negative karma and replace it with positive karma.



What does it mean to be a "star seed"

By alaje • Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Question: There is so much talking about star seeds now, it seems it has become something so "mental" and popular; i can often see many websites about this topic: mental and very full of information, but with little heart. what is the real meaning of being a star seed?

Answer: Well, there is no meaning in the word "star seed", that is why it is confusing you. That word is an invention of earth humans. You are NOT a "seed" that somebody will harvest one day. You are SOUL. An energy part of the Source-Light. As i say in my videos: EVERYBODY is a part of the Existence, the consciousness called "god". Everybody is a SOUL, a "child" of the Existence (god). All masters, including Jesus are telling this all the time.

The only difference is that there are advanced souls who are learning fast and have more incarnations and experience from other dimensions and planets, and on the other hand there are unaware souls who are learning slow, (have not mastered love), incarnating always in low developed planets like Earth and therefore they have a lower consciousness and a lower knowledge of the universe. Some of the advanced souls who have mastered the lower dimensions (using the love energy), have incarnated by free will on this planet to help in the consciousness transformation of the unaware souls. They don't have to learn lessons on Earth, they don't have neg. karma to solve. They are here to help others to become a master too. I am one of those souls.

Most of the earth souls are unaware souls. They are in the Kindergarten. And the advanced souls who are spiritually "adults" are helping the unaware to become aware, and understand the existence. It's a natural process in the universe.






Are all lightworkers good?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: Alaje i had some experiences with some other lightworkers, and i noticed that i get the best benefit from your guidance. Do some people feel more benefit on evolving themselves from other lightworkers because of the different life plan?

Answer: Not everybody is a lightworker…… As i say in the left side of my you管 channel: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING "SPIRITUALLY INTERESTED" AND BEING REALLY SPIRITUAL.



Do extraterrestrials have humor?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: What is Pleiadian sense of humor like, does humor even exist on higher planes? I've never heard of an extraterrestrial laugh or smile.

Answer: Spiritual extraterrestrials have of course humor. If not them, who else? But when we see how much negativity there is on Earth, we can NOT laugh about it. It is making us sad.



Is it possible to travel to Pleiades for earth people?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Question: Is it possible to travel to Pleiades for earth person?

Answer: Only when you are in a higher frequency.



Is it useful to love the dark side?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Question: I know that love is the key. I also know that everybody should have a chance to love. Biggest Challenge is to love the dark side. Sometimes it requires lots of balls to do so. So my question is that does love apply to those who despite and hate it?

Answer: The love frequency will make them think, and will help them to see what they are doing wrong.



When I call the Galactic Federation, will they come to teach me?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: If a positive person calling the galactic federation they appear to teach this person?

Answer: You get teachings all the time, since you are born, while you are sleeping.



Is hunger therapy good to cleanse my body from toxins?

By alaje • Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Question: I practice semistarvation (hunger therapy). Don't you know,could it purifier me from all kind of poisons. I'm 19 and i saw your videos for a first time this summer, but before i intoxicated my body with cigarettes, drugs, alcohol. I want to clean my body. I have chlamydia also, but i don't want to heal myself with antibiotics. So could hunger therapy be something like multipurpose purification?

Answer: [DISCLAIMER: This is for informational purpose only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. For proper health advice you should always consult your doctor! Please read our disclaimer]

No, everything you wrote is harmful to the body. If you want to clean and detoxify your body, you can use MORINGA.You can get Moringa in capsules. Moringa is also a good protein source.



Does the Galactic Federation of Light celebrate Christmas?

By alaje • Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Question: Thank you so much for coming back this evening my friend ! It's better than a gift under a Christmas tree. The energy is so positive today! It's a little naive but are the Ashtar command and our star brothers of the galactic federation around us having celebration when the energy is high on Earth? I mean, how do they react?

Answer: No, we are not celebrating the time of hypocrisy, ego, arrogance and business called "Christmas". Earth humans are misusing the image of the Lightworker Jesus to make money and disguise themselves as if they are "angels". People act as if they are nice, and after those "Christmas" days that act like monsters again, just like they did before.

Real love and real gifts does not need an Earth date on a calendar. A real gift comes from the heart at ANY time, and not because it is dictated on a calendar on Earth. Real loving people are ALWAYS nice and loving. They don't need a date on a calendar to act as if they are nice. This time called "christmas" is a time of hypocrisy, masks and business on Earth. Negative people use the hypocrisy of other negative, fake people to make money. Real light workers do NOT need any date to be light and love. REAL LIGHT WORKERS ARE ALWAYS LIGHT AND LOVE. And they make gifts at ANY time, when the feeling and the heart says it is the right time. That is a REAL gift.





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